Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our First Chicken Meal!

Last night I roasted a chicken for dinner. The first chicken we've had in a month. Yes, one of the chickens we butchered on June 1st.
Here it is ready to roast:
It was one of the smallest, so about 4 1/2 lbs. To be honest, it looked pretty scrawny. I didn't brine it as I always do with poultry for two reasons: 1) I didn't have time and 2) I wanted to see if I could tell any difference in the meat. Here it is after roasting:

Lotsa' garlic in the pan, huh? It's great on EVERYTHING! So here's the verdict on the home raised, home butchered chicken: No Difference. Well, really there were differences, but as far as taste went, it was the same as always. Scott said it wasn't a fair comparison because I always brine and this one wasn't, so next time I will brine and compare again. I did notice much less fat in the pan after cooking. And, because I KNEW where the meat was raised and HOW it was raised, I felt better about eating it. And it was really good, but I enjoy chicken, so it most always tastes good. I really expected a phenomenal difference like with the grass fed beef, but really it wasn't that dramatic.

Lily turned 21 today! They had a party for her at work and here is the cake:

Boy, did they get the right cake! Tie dye and a peace sign! She was thrilled and thought it was the coolest cake ever!
So July is here already and in less than 2 weeks we leave for vacation. Instead of picking up the 27 Days in Italy blog from last year(, I think I will just write the posts here. I am looking forward to going to France because I've never been, but mostly I am excited about our apartment in Vicenza, Italy. It will be so nice to be in the same place for almost 2 weeks so I can go to market every day and cook. We can ride bicycles to town and we will take day trips to Venice and Milan on the trains (the trains are so wonderful!) as Vicenza is so centally located. More on that later.

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