Saturday, November 20, 2010

So Much To Be Thankful For...

Well, tomorrow begins my annual Thanksgiving Cooking Week and I am really excited. It has been a busy November, with our pig Kevin (actually his name is Kevin Bacon) growing like...well, like a pig! I decided this week that we had to stop treating him like a pet. Whenever we went into his pen to feed him, we would let him out for a bit...sometimes to go for a walk with kidding, he'd trot behind me about 1/4 mile before he tuckered out. The other day I went to change his water and he wanted out. I didn't want him out. When I locked the gate behind me, he squealed and squealed like I was beating him. Spoiled baby he is. Sophie and Kevin are great friends. Sophie thinks Kevin is a dog.
This week will be intense. One hundred hours is not unusual as we leave the house before the sun rises and get home well after dark. But it is like a festival, a family reunion and a church revival all rolled into one! This year, I've published a cookbook to give as a gift for all the folks attending.  It contains many of the recipes I've made over the seven years of cooking at the Ranch. Its title is "Celebrating Cypress Springs" and I am quite intrigued with the process of creating a cookbook. I see more in my future...I have plans for 2011 already!  Here's to cooking and writing and being thankful for a good life!  Happy Thanksgiving!