Monday, July 20, 2009

Some Pics

Just started going through pics, so thought I´d post a few.
France was beautiful and our hotel was at the edge of Annemasse and Ambilly, two adjoining villages. It was incredibly easy to get around and we walked town every day. This house was directly across the street from our hotel.
Our last day in France we took a train to Annecy, a town on a lake about an hour south of Annemasse. It was definitely a tourist town, but kept up so stunningly with flowers everywhere. Town was packed, but we didn't care. We had a lovely lunch at a Creperia, the best crepes I'd ever eaten. And then the rains came! We walked around getting soaked to the skin so happy to be in France, together, in the rain. We finally did buy umbrellas. This was a stream going through town. We stopped in a bakery, so we could ohh and ahh. Scott bought a small myrtille tart (kinda' like blueberries) and I took a picture.This was late afternoon and the shelves were almost empty. The Europeans love their bakeries and rightly so. The superiority of their goods are legendary.
The next day we got up early as we had an 8:45 train to catch. I ran down to the bakery on the corner and picked up a few pastries for breakfast along with a loaf of bread for lunch on the train. On the way to the train station I took this picture of a flower bed. It was very typical of the gardens we saw in France. Beautiful flowers with some salad greens mixed in. This one included some golden chard.

One of my very favorite things about traveling over here are the trains. I loved trains as a kid and I have never outgrown them. The longer the trip the better as far as I'm concerned. We sit back and read or I write in my journal or we take pictures out the windows or we sleep. Sometimes we just sit and whisper sweet nothings into each others' ears and giggle. Trains inspire romance in that kidding! I know-it makes me sick, too...sometimes. This was our lunch on the train from Geneva to Zurich.

Some really good dry sausage, a loaf of crusty whole grain bread (the kind that leaves crumbs all over your lap) and a hunk of cheese, in this case-gruyere. We ate every last bit and washed it down with a bottle of Pelligrino bubbly water. Now, in Germany, I have the best of all tour guides in Cynthia (some pics of Cynthia and Tom in the coming days). She could have been a history teacher. I have learned so much and things I've heard for years now make sense thanks to her. Yesterday, we all went to the towns of Bregenz and Lindau. At one point on the way there, Tom pulled the truck over to the side of the road at an overlook. We all got out and gazed down at a quaint town below us at the edge of a huge lake (the largest in Europe!!!). This was the town of Bregenz, Austria. On the other side of the lake connected by a small bridge was an island-Lindau, Germany (where we spent a good part of the day-pics of Lindau later) and at the far side were some spectacular mountains-The Alps of Switzerland. It was a breathtaking moment. We first visited Bregenz and walked the promenade that hugs the lakes' edge. The weather was sunny but not hot and the breeze felt so good. There were vendors selling jewelry and other goods, musicians ( a phenomenal guy on a harp!) and even a guy painting pictures with spray paint! Sounds crazy, but what this guy could do with a spray can was amazing. At one point we came upon a giant chess set with two games in progress.

Today, being Monday, Cynthia had to get up and go to work. She took half a day off so, while the guys took the bikes out for test runs, we could go to a neighboring village to play tourist. She showed up from work with lunch for us before we all went our separate ways. This is my kind of lunch! Oh...but I do love Germany!
The bread, loosely translated is pretzel bread and was it ever good. The sausages were very much like pepperoni, but a bit softer. Cynthia told us that they can just hang in the cellar for quite a while and they get drier and drier. We had gouda cheese or cream cheese or butter with the bread and plum crumb cake for dessert. Yum!

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