Saturday, July 18, 2009

4 Days

Can it be that we have only been away 4 days? We are sitting in Simmerberg, Germany at the kitchen table at Tom & Cynthia´s house. We had a great dinner prepared by Cynthia-black and white rice, gulasch (the german spelling) and a great salad. Much wine with dinner and coffee with brandy and capuccino cake and pudding for dessert. Whoa!! It poured rain and was actually cold here (remember this is coming from a gal that less than a week ago left a drought and 100 degree temps) and as soon as I got in from the train station, Cynthia grabbed an umbrella and my arm and said, "We are walking to the bakery 200 meters up the road." The bakery...OMG, the bakery. I asked Cynthia if I could take pictures and was told to wait until morning when the shelves were full. We saw the sun for about 15 minutes after dinner and now it is clouded up again and getting dark. The guys are talking motorcycles, Cynthia´s petting her cat, Moon Unit and we are making cracks when we get the chance about the guys and their obsession. This place is GREEN! And the trees are BIG. Scott gave me a primer on the German language on the train from Geneva to Germany. "It´s phoenetic, so it´s easy." I laughed when I looked at my train ticket and it had 2 separate words on it that were about 15 letters long with 2 or 3 vowels. I thought French was easier.
Our 3 days in France were like a lifetime. Quiet time, lots of walking, INCREDIBLE food. Annemasse is a very sweet small town-very easy to get around and flowers planted everywhere. Not outrageously expensive. Safe and clean. We slept each night with the windows wide open (no screens) in our room. We took LOTS of pics and I will post some in the next few days (hopefully).

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deerhilltop said...

I'm so freakin' jealous! Glad you guys are having fun. You deserve it! Hugs, Debbie