Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A 3 Hour Walk

Couldn't get out of the house fast enough today, the hope of more morels pulling me.  But I had a few things to take care of around here, so it was after 11:00 before I headed out armed with a backpack full of supplies: camera, scissors, bags, water bottle and snacks.  And what a good walk it was!
Just a bit over 5 ounces. I crawled on my hands and knees under lots of cedars, but it was worth it.  Here are some pics of the morels as I found them:
Cute, huh?  This next one was growing out of the bottom of a tree.
At one point I had been walking about 40 minutes without finding any at all.  I figured that I had gone out of the area where they would grow.  As I was ducking under a branch, my glasses (which were perched on top of my head) got knocked onto the ground.  "Stop here and look!" I thought to myself and crouched down where my glasses were.  I found a morel about 4" from where my glasses lay.  Up to that point, if I found one morel, I would find more in the same area.  So I sat down where I was and began to look around.  Just to my left I found what would be the biggest grouping of the day.
I think I will wait a few more days before going again.  I left quite a few tiny ones in the ground.  I am hoping to find enough more to dry some for later.  As for now, I can't help but get home and saute some up for lunch.  Adding a bit of chopped garlic and brown rice, they made a tasty lunch!  With enough left over for another meal!

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grace lovelace said...

what a good photo taker you are!