Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pearls of Wisdom

I have been attempting to clean all the "memorabilia" off the know, all the pics of friends' kids (and our own kids), magnets from the recycling center, wedding invitations that were too cute to throw away. It is a cluttered mess.  As I was removing it all, I came across a small piece of paper. I was rather surprised to realize it had been on the fridge almost 10 years! It came off Scott's fridge in his house in Kerrville. I met Scott 11 years ago (in fact it was 11 years on 1/11/11!). He had a cute little house in Kerrville where he lived with 2 of his 3 children. When he moved out to the ranch, this small scrap of paper came with him. I am going to tuck it away in a memory box, but I wanted to post it here.

Stay loose. Learn to watch snails. Plant impossible gardens.
Invite someone dangerous to tea. Make little signs that say
YES! and post them all over your house. Make friends with
freedom and uncertainty. Look forward to dreams.
Cry during movies. Swing as high as you can on a swingset,
by moonlight. Refuse to "be responsible". Do it for love.
Take lots of naps. Give money away. Do it now. The money
will follow. Believe in magic. Laugh a lot. Celebrate every
gorgeous moment. Take moonbaths. Have wild imaginings,
transformative dreams and perfect calm. Draw on walls.
Read everyday. Imagine yourself magic. Giggle with children.
Listen to old people. Open up. Dive in. Be free. Bless
yourself. Drive away fear. Play with everything. You are
innocent. Build a fortress with blankets. Get wet. Hug trees.
Write love letters. Pay attention to pearls of wisdom.

In so many ways, these words are Scott. As I removed it from the fridge and re-read it, it made me smile.
I know it is this type of thing that made me fall in love with my husband. He is fun and young at heart.
And he makes my life really fun. I couldn't ask for much more.

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Miriam Moore said...

hi cutie patootie!! you found me! you have a great blog. I've been gluten free 3 years, and all about goat everything dairy. my inflammation is gone, so at least that's solved. Bev Meyer at the Diet and Health Ctr gave me the advice that got me going. she uses muscle testing to discover your food intolerances. So you guys have a farm outside Kerrville?