Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Start of a New Blog

More than an online diary, less than a "real" writing gig...I wish blogs had a more elegant name. Marti calls them blobs and they might as well be-the way thoughts come pouring out in fits and starts and...blobs.

I remember years ago doing "Morning Pages"-Julia Cameron's main exercise in The Artist's Way-and what extraordinary writing it produced from me. Of course, times were different then with strife being the main emotional feature on my landscape and not having the comfort in life I have now. How will my writing be different now that I am more emotionally stable and life is generally easier? I would never trade those times for anything. I am a believer in the idea that all the experiences in my life make me the person I am today, so good or bad, they created the life I have now and I am grateful for them all.

When I read my journals from a decade ago-or TWO decades-some of them are so painful I have to detach myself from them. It is like reading a novel and I feel such compassion for the main character yet at the same time I wish she would smarten up. When she finally takes action to change her situation, I cheer her on and feel protective of her if she falls flat. I can actually see her character being formed as she learns lessons (or doesn't).

But it all comes down to NOW. And so, for the christening of this blog, I am starting from NOW with a glance back perhaps, every now and then.

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